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Cruise Boat Live Aboard Tours - Myeik (Fortune Express)

This tour is made for people who do not have much time to spend but want to explore the virgin islands through good accommodations and facilities. Do not really recommend to those who are seeking for relaxing vacations.

This tour is designed for people who would like to explore the most of the Archipelago in three days as most as they can and enjoy chilling relaxing on the cruise boat to explore the untouched islands in Mergui Archipelago.

This tour is optimum for people who are seeking for virgin islands exploration with relaxing time and both adventurous activities. No need to hurry back and one can experience true getaway from the chaotic city life.

This tour is made for people who would like to relax and spend some more quality time on the beach. More destinations are included with exciting activities and island stay on secluded beach in Mergui Archipelago. 

This tour is the longest voyage in Myeik-Myeik cruise trip, yet providing the guests with quality time on the pristine beaches, and snorkeling activities. Island stays are also included and one should choose this trip to better know the nature of life in the Andaman Sea. 

Cruise Boat Live Aboard Tours - Kawthaung 

This cruise tour starts at Kawthaung, which is convenient for travelers who wish to join from Ranong, Thailand. This tour loops around islands in southern part of Andaman Sea, such as Nga Man Island, Kyun Pila, Tha Yae Island and famous 115 Island. One of the highly rated cruise tour. 

Another cruise tour similar to 4D/3N package, includes more places such as Boulder Island, Myauk Ni Island, and Moken (Sea Gypsy) village. You'll get to see the daily life of Moken and the paddle boat they use for fishing, and pearl hunting. Relaxing cruise tour on live aboard boat.

This six day long cruise tour comprises more destinations such as 254 and 256 islands which are near well known Lampi Island, reserved national park and mangrove forest. More snorkeling activities around Crocodile Creek. Recommend this trip to the travelers who can spare more holidays without worries. 

Sail Boat Live Aboard Tours - Kawthaung 

This tour is made for sailing enthusiast to sail around the virgin islands in southern Andaman Sea. Feel the wind and enjoy the nature both on liveaboard boat and off to the islands. Tour also includes Jar Lan Island, 115 Island, Ohway Island, and Rhino Island. 

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