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General Information



  • 6,5 Million people

Divisions & States: 

  • Mon State (Mawlamyine)

  • Karen State (Hpa An)

  • Tanintharyi Division (Dawei)

Main ethnics: 

  • Bamar, Karen, Mon, Rahkine, Shan

Borders (North to South): 

  • Myawaddy (Myanmar) / Mae Sot (Thailand)

  • Htee Khee (Myanmar) / Phu Nam Ron (Thailand)

  • Kawthaung (Myanmar ) / Ranong (Thailand)

Seasons : 

  • Main: November to April

  • Shoulder: May & October

  • Off: June to September



There are still some areas in Southern Myanmar, which are off the limit. Our tours only take you to places, which are permitted and safe. You can have a look here, what areas are still off limit.

This rule applies especially for the Mergui Archipelago, where independent travel is not possible at the moment (June 2017).


When you travel a foreign country no one expect you to know the local customs, but do be a good guest you could read up about the local habits. Same as you would appreciate if a Burmese would visit your home country. A lot of things are just common sense and not rocket science. For example it is to take your shoes & socks off in front of a religious site or even a private home. A more difficult question is swimming in Bikini's. We suggest to look around how the locals are dressed and make your own mind up about it.

To get more clear about do's and don'ts you could read this summary.



24 hour ATM are in all major cities. The fee is 5000 Kyat. All major cities in Southern Myanmar have money changers at the bank. Be aware opening times are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 3 PM. You can change USD, EURO and Singaporean Dollars. Some banks started to exchange Thai Baht. Credit card payment are most likely not available. (June 2017).



When going abroad it is common sense to have a travel insurance. Outside of major cities it is advisable to avoid public hospitals. Private clinics seems to be better equipped. As at your hotel reception about doctors and clinics with experience in treating foreigners. It most cases it is required to make payment up front in either Kyat or US Dollars. 


Following vaccinations are recommend to have:

  • Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B

  • Diphtheria

  • Polio

  • Tetanus

  • Rabies


Malaria and dengue fever are common in rural areas, but not so much in major cities.

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