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Jadeflower Travel presents Life Seeing Tours, founded in 2014 by German travel enthusiast and young Burmese entrepreneur, is a tour company for the adventurous of spirit. We provide services for the genuine traveler, not the tourist. We completely avoid Myanmar’s commercial tourist circuit. Our clients are those who seek a genuine connection with the country and its wonderfully down to the earth people; those who appreciate beautiful, unspoilt and unique landscapes off the beaten track.

Why choose us? 

We are an eco-conscious, responsible tour operator and strive to leave behind only our smiles and footprints. We endeavor to develop tourism in the right way, leading others by example. We work exclusively with local Burmese people, training them in as boatmen, guides and tour leaders. We offer help and advice to other local people who would like to provide services for in Myanmar’s emergent tourism industry. We only have one non-national on our staff, a permanent resident in the country (and his Burmese language skills are improving every day).

At Jadeflower Travel presents Life Seeing Tours, it is our policy to provide a personalized service to all of our clients from the initial inquiry stages, to the completion of the tour. Our intimate, local knowledge of Southern Myanmar enables us to offer you the very best. Our philosophy of working with you at every stage of the planning process allows us to fine-tune your requirements including your activities, accommodation, transfer and ancillary services.

We will provide you with an authentic route to the heart of the land, which in turn will leave its indelible mark on your heart. Let us show you the real Myanmar; an unforgettable, unique travel experience awaits!

Services from the past 

We have serviced more than fifteen thousand travelers in the past three years combined while Southern Myanmar still being the secluded and untouched area of Myanmar. The area continues to develop and striving to become Phuket-like destinations in Myanmar with all the virgin islands located in Mergui Archipelgo. Travelers are flocking in to witness the true beauty of Andaman Sea and its untouched part of the world. It is our top priority to ensure travelers' safety and convenience at traveling both on/off land.


Additional competitive advantage is that we own a fleet of speed boats, cruise boat, and express boat. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about if a speed boat breaks before the trip starts or on the way, we will provide you with another at your convenience that you won't waste a day or a dime choosing us to be your trusted travel operator.   

-Jade Flower Travel presents Life Seeing Tours is operated by (License No: 302/2005-2006)

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