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Guide to Southern Myanmar



Southern Myanmar's (Burma's) infrastructure is poor especially in the deep south. Basically all major towns are link by highway #8. Every town will have a street with bus ticket seller or just ask at your guesthouse/hotel. The bus station however is most of the time out of town. Buses run daily. Minivan services have started to serve major town connections (popular Myeik and Dawei). They are slightly quicker than buses and seem to pick you up at the hotel. The only downside is that the vans are not made for Western body sizes. Below travel times and prices for Air-Con buses verse visa. For the 2017-2018 there are daily VIP Buses running from Yangon to Myeik (stopping in Mawlamyine and Dawei of course). 

  • Yangon - Kyaiktio  – min 3,5 hrs - 5000 Kyats

  • Yangon - Hpa An  – min 7 hrs – 6.000 Kyats

  • Hpa An - Mawlamyine - 1.5 hrs - 1.500 Kyats (local bus)

  • Yangon - Mawlamyine –  min 6 hrs – 12.000 Kyats

  • Yangon - Dawei –  min 12 hrs – 15.000 Kyats (VIP 21.500 Kyats)

  • Yangon - Dawei –  min 19 hrs – 21.000 Kyats (VIP 33.500 Kyats)

  • Mawlamyine - Dawei  – min 7 hrs – 12.000 Kyats

  • Mawlamyine - Ye  – min 3,5 hrs – 3.000 Kyats (local bus)

  • Ye - Dawei  – min 3,5 hrs – 9.000 Kyats (Bus from Yangon)

  • Dawei - Myeik – min 6 hrs – 12.000 Kyats (Mini Bus)

  • Myeik - Kawthaung  – min 10 hrs – 25.000 Kyats

The railway line goes until Dawei. Tickets can be purchased directly at the train station on the day of departure. There is no need any longer to pay in  US - Dollars. Be aware that travel times are much more longer than bus rides, however they can be more pleasant. Especially Mawlamyine to Ye, when in the morning the mist lifts from the rice paddy fields. (Departure: daily 4.30 am - Min 6 hrs - 3.000 Kyats)

There are still some travel restrictions in Southern Myanmar. For example the Kyone Thor Waterfall near Hpa An is still off limit for foreigners (June 2017). Good news for independent traveler the road between Myeik and Kawthaung can be traveled freely. Please remember that in the rainy season transportation can suddenly stop.


There are public ferries from Dawei via Myeik to Kawthaung and the other way around, but they are not running at all (Jan 2018). They run after demand and depending hard on weather conditions. Be aware that inside the boats it is very cold and noisy. The most convenient speed boat connection is from Myeik to Dawei. (Departure: 11 am, not daily) The boats might come back if there enough tourists a day.



The fastest and easiest way to get around is by plane. There are daily flights from and to Yangon leaving from Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung. Right now there are no connections flights from Southern Myanmar airports directly to Thailand (August 2016). Departure times and flight times (different airplanes) vary. Flights are not always on time. Only Myanmar National Airline is flying to the South in the 2017-2018 season.

  • Yangon - Dawei –  around 1 hr – From 111 USD

  • Yangon - Myeik – around 1.25 hrs – From 162 USD

  • Yangon - Kawthaung– around 2 hrs – From 162 USD (1 Stop)

  • Dawei - Myeik  – around 45 min – From 102 USD

  • Dawei - Kawthaung – around 1hr – From 101 USD

  • Myeik -  Kawthaung  – around 50 min – From 102 USD

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