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Adventure Tours 

The guests can choose to kayak along Tanintharyi River or ride in the wooden boat to explore the nature and daily life of people in Tanintharyi River coast. Local people are excited to see you there. See the life seeing tours.

If you would like to ride a bike on your own and explore through Dawei Peninsula, then it's your package to consider. You will get to ride your own (you must have international driving license). Spend two night in the most secluded beach in Dawei - Paradise Beach Bungalows.

If your hobby is hiking, then this trip is for you to consider. We visit bat caves along the way. After hiking up to top of Mount ZweKabin, your reward is the stunning view of Hpa An.

This package doesn't happen much but carries out on request because it is more toward adventure and only recommend to train hikers to go on the highest mountain in Tanintharyi Region. Please inquire for more information.

This activity is designed for travelers with adventurous mind who like to kayak through mangrove forest in Ma San Par River. Birdwatchers are also welcomed to participate. See the daily life of people living in the river.

This 3 day tour package around Dawei Peninsula is similar to the itineraries in Scooter Adventure but only without scooter (motorbike). You will get to see fishing village and the stunning beaches around Dawei Peninsula. 

Another day return hiking and boating trip to explore Dawei San Lan Beach and Tizit Beach. The reward will be fresh air and sea food on the beaches.  

This is special package for cycling enthusiast who like to take a long road trips and explore the daily life of local people. Days and nights spent on tours are customized and please feel free to inquire for more detailed information. 

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